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USBW stuff
Manager: Theodore Elden
HR Manager: John Cottrell
Operator 1: Tom Leffoon
Operator 2: Ronald Hoover
Tec. Manager: Michael Taylor
Chief exec.: Kenny Moore
E-mail: usbw@usa.com
Company Number: 07225817 (!UK!)

Company Name: UNITED FREIGHT AGENCY LTD (in USA: USBW - United States Best forWard)
We in UK companies database

Status - Active
Type - Private Limited Company
Incorporation Date - 16/04/2010
Nature of Business - 96090 (UK): Other service activities n.e.c.

If your business is connected with buying goods from online US retailers you can meet the problem of shipping them overseas because even if they provide this service, the rates are very high. USBW can offer you the way out and organize mail and package forwarding services of U.S. goods abroad at lower international shipping rates.

The company is situated in London. After registration on the web-site you and your business are provided with a local U.S. address and you are able to receive mail and conduct your business with US retailers. We organize shipping your goods all over the world. USBW can present your interests as your international buying agent to meet your buying and shipping requirements. The company offers high-qualified service at competitive rates.

We are open to contact you and update our services to meet our customers’ requirements and needs.